Quick Tour in Quezon Memorial Circle

Your trip to Quezon City won’t be complete without visiting one of its famous landmarks — the Quezon Memorial Circle.

Originally, the site was intended to be the heart of the Philippine government but construction came to a stop when the second world war broke out. Nonetheless, it remains a place rich in history and culture.

When the war ended, President Sergio Osmeña ordered the creation of a committee that will help raise funds for a shrine dedicated to his predecessor, the 2nd President of our country — Manuel L. Quezon.

The construction of the Shrine began in the 1950’s and was finally completed in 1978, the centennial of Quezon’s birthday. In 1979, President Ferdinand Marcos ordered the site as a National Shrine.

“Circle” as we locals call it, has recently been undergoing significant changes in order to lure in more tourists, both local and foreign. The number of visitors has constantly been increasing, thanks to the government’s renovation and beautification efforts.

So let’s start exploring Circle!

**If you want to know more about its history, click here and here.

UnderPass Entrance Tiangge and Monument View
QC Circle UnderPass Entrance Tiangge and Monument-View

Activities you can do at Quezon Memorial Circle

Quezon Memorial Circle is family-friendly place. Spend quality time with your love ones in the designated picnic grounds.

You can jog with your friends, go biking ( bring your own bike or you can rent ), join the aerobics sessions or if you are just plain sleepy, you can always occupy any clean space and have your much needed nap (but of course don’t forget to secure your belongings).
As I walked around, I  saw some teenagers practicing ‘arnis’:

QC Memorial Circle Arnis Practice near Flower Garden
Arnis Practice near Flower Garden

Ballroom Dancing / Zumba Dance Lessons.

To keep you in the groove, you may attend some Ballroom dancing sessions. Here’s the schedule:
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday = Ballroom – 4:00 PM onwards – People’s Hall
Senior Citizen ( Ms. Ruby )
Friday and Saturday = 6:00 AM – 12:00 NN – People’s Hall
Sunday =  6:00 AM – 2:00 PM – People’s Hall

Quezon City Circle Zipline.

One of the many activities we can suggest is zipline. This is awesome experience specially for first-timers.For this affordable fun-filled thrill, check the zipline rates below:

QC Memorial Circle Zipline other side Photo 2
QC Circle Zipline other side
QC Memorial Circle Zipline Photo 2
Quezon City Circle Zipline

Quezon City Circle Zipline Rates

QC Circle Zipline rates
QC Circle Zipline rates

***All rates Are Subject To Change Without Prior Notice. Please call QC Circle Admin Office for more details.

Facilities and Amenities

The Quezon City government and park administration exerts more effort to improve ‘Circle’. If you’ve been in QC circle before, you can see the visible development  and improvement.
There are perfect spots for your prenup photo shoots, commercials, VTRs, and shooting it offers and one of my favorite area is the tropical garden.

The park have functions rooms where you can organize your party, events etc .Every year there is a fireworks display organized by the government.  Take a look on some of amenities inside QC circle.

QC Memorial Circle Liwasang Aurora Stage
Liwasang Aurora Stage
QC Memorial Circle Seminar Hall Photo1
Seminar Hall
QC Memorial Circle Peoples Hall
People’s Hall
QC Memorial Circle Century Hall
Century Hall
QC Memorial Circle Charito Planas Garden Photo1
Charito Planas Garden
QC Memorial Circle Gazebo2 Photo1
Gazebo #2
QC Memorial Circle Gazebo3 Photo2
Gazebo #3
QC Memorial Circle Gazebo4 Photo1
Gazebo #4
QC Memorial Circle Volleyball Court Photo2
Volleyball Court
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Quezon City Circle Amenities and Facilities Rates

Quezon-City Circle Amenities and Facilities Rates
Quezon City Circle Amenities and Facilities Rates

***All rates Are Subject To Change Without Prior Notice. Please call QC Circle Admin Office for more details.

Food, Stalls and Restaurants

After trying out all sorts of activities in the area, your adventure is far from over unless you try the various food  sold in the different stalls all over the place.

I approached “Mamang sorbetero” and bought dirty ice cream, the price is a bit higher than normal price outside QC circle but it is still affordable.

For restaurants, there are fast food chains but I’m saving that for another blog post.

Lawasang Aurora Shed with Dirty Ice Cream Vendor
Lawasang Aurora Shed with Dirty Ice Cream Vendor
QC Memorial Circle Food Stalls Photo5
QC Circle Food Stalls

Tiangge / Bazaar

The QC government initiates the bazaar for micro entrepreneurs selling assorted dry goods and organic vegetables from Benguet, herbal plants, flowers etc. See some photos:

Weekend Tiangge Bazaar
Weekend Tiangge Bazaar
QC Memorial Circle Tiangge Bazaar Commonwealth Ave side Photo 6
QC Memorial Circle Tiangge Bazaar Commonwealth Ave side

More photos here.

Operating Hours:

Monday to Sunday
Opening: 5:00 AM
Closing: 9:00 PM
Quezon City Circle Park is OPEN during holy week. Closing time for Sunday is until 11:00 PM.

Quezon City Circle Administration Office Contact Details:

Address: Elliptical Road, Quezon City
Contact Number: 924-34-12
Park Administrator: Mr. Tadeo M. Palma

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