Bon appetit! Indulge at Bizu Creperie

Having a French treat used to mean travelling all the way to Makati or Ortigas for Quezon City residents. Bizu, the famed French bistro known for its delectable cakes, delicate macarons, and extensive French menu, with branches in Greenhills Promenade, Rockwell, and Greenbelt, to name a few, recently opened a small dine-in space in Eastwood Mall. This means that residents of Eastwood City and the surrounding area no longer have to trek far for some excellent French treats.

bizu nirvana
Bizu Nirvana


bizu samba
Bizu Samba

My mother is a sucker for French food, including their delicately-designed, but decadent cakes. Bizu excels at these, so bringing her here for dessert after a sumptuous Mother’s Day lunch was a no-brainer.

The menu included crepes, which they do really well, but since we were still full from our Fil-Mex fiesta, we opted to order from their impressive cake display. We contemplated on getting their chiboust, or cheesecakes, and even their Opera (which I can do at home, having gone to culinary school years ago), but we ended up getting two of our old favorites – the Samba and the Nirvana.

At first glance, these cakes look really small, like they wouldn’t be enough for our party of four. But they are incredibly rich in flavor. The pastry chefs at Bizu definitely did not scrimp on the quality of the ingredients they use.

Take their Nirvana, for instance – a blend of caramel chocolate mousse and pistachio cream nestled on a bed of crisp chocolate crunch and chocolate cake, covered with their brilliant homemade chocolate sauce. This cake is a work of art. As a pastry chef, I am impressed with the texture of their chiffon cake, the consistency of their mousses (it is neither too heavy nor too runny, and there are no discernable traces of gelatin), and the way they do their ganache.

The ganache enveloped the cake very well, and set to the correct temperature so that it did not run on the plate it was served in, or got too hard. Taste-wise, this was sinful, to say the least. I am amazed at how the flavors of the pistachio and the caramel managed to stand out, even if they are blanketed by rich milk chocolate. (I suspect they used dark chocolate but it was far too creamy and too sweet to be dark.)
The Samba, on the other hand, is my personal favorite, since I am a chocoholic. A chocolate lover’s dream come true, this cake has a combination of milk and dark chocolate mousse between layers of chocolate mousse and coated with their homemade chocolate sauce. They even threw in a few squares of what I think is homemade chocolate. This was the bomb! I’ll never get tired ordering this. Again, the mousse was perfect, both in terms of texture and taste. The milk chocolate layer in particular imparts a delightful sweetness.

The ganache is identical to that of the Nirvana, which is good. After we have polished off the cake, I had the chocolate squares (because nobody else wanted it!) and I’m glad I had them all to myself. They were excellent, similar in taste and texture to the chocolate coating of Magnum ice cream bars, but way better.

Oh, did I say they were really small? We actually struggled to finish both cakes! We actually left a few spoonfuls of the Nirvana because we were already super satisfied with the taste of the Samba.
So don’t ever complain about the size because the taste more than makes up for it! That’s the difference quality ingredients and impeccable technique make – the flavor and texture are always on point, none of the taste is muted, so you always get satisfied even after just a few forkfuls.

Mediocre cakes and desserts always leave me dissatisfied and looking for my next sweet fix, but Bizu cakes are always an indulgent treat, I am never not satisfied when I dine there! To wash down our cakes, we ordered milk shakes, which Bizu is also known for.

We got the vanilla and cappuccino flavored ones, and they were both really good. They were both rich and thick enough and would surely give the ones served at American-style diners a run for their money.

The main difference lies in the flavor. The vanilla flavored milkshake, in particular, tasted like they used actual vanilla beans, not the liquid extract. The space is really small and can seat a maximum of 20 people. It can also get bothersome if you are uncomfortable with eating in plain sight of shoppers.

The menu is not as extensive as the one in their Makati or Greenhills restaurants, but it is substantial enough. They have crepes, cold and hot beverages, breads, and of course, cakes. Pop by soon and treat yourself – you deserve it.

Bizu Creperie is located at the third floor of Eastwood Mall, Eastwood City, Bagumbayan, Quezon City.

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