About Kyusi

How this blog will help you?

Kyusi.Com ( it sounds QC = Quezon City ) aims to provide useful and helpful information about Quezon City.

We will try to publish high quality content and guides to answer questions and inquiries for Quezon City ( ka-‘kyusi’ ) and non-QC residents.

Why we setup this website?

That’s the first question pop-up on our mind. What’s the purpose and goal of this blog? Some of our non-QC friends asked us about directions, landmarks, establishments, government agencies in Quezon City. So the idea came up that what if we’ll write articles that will answers their questions, provide guides and tips help them and learn more about Quezon City.

And as proud ka-‘kyusi’, we want also to promote city’s tourism. What we realized that we can’t deny that kyusi have also beautiful places and spots you can visit – amusement parks, universities, colleges, business centers, malls and etc, so it’s worth promoting.

We decided to setup this website to make you feel the experience to be in Quezon City – to feel the places and it’s people.

If you have questions, feedback, inquiries, suggestions to improve our service feel free contact us.

– Kyusi Team